The Power of the People

A few days ago I cancelled my social media accounts with the big three. I was a moderate user who would scroll through the feed, post vacation pictures, and occasionally recount a funny story. The minute I did it I felt an immense wave of relief. It was an unexpected surprise. I thought I would immediately regret the loss of contact with friends from near and far that I don’t have frequent contact with via text or phone. I didn’t.

In recent years, the social media giants and main stream media have developed a god complex. They have decided that they have control over who says what and when, and clearly favor their personal opinions. Sound familiar? I’ve lived in a communist country. This is eerily familiar to those years. We cannot head down that road.

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms. These are all rights that certain people in power are trying to take from us. They are trying to bully us into submission. We, however, still have the ability to have our voices heard. Whether that is actually speaking, or through action. As we all know, sometimes actions are larger than words. How does that feel Fox News? How is that trip down the rabbit hole working out for you?

In this time of turmoil we have learned that some do not have any qualms with lying, cheating, and stealing. Openly and blatantly. Unfortunately for them, not very intelligently. It will all come to light. Regardless of who our next president is they have shown their hand, and in the long run they will suffer from their mistakes.

Those of us who believe in our constitution. Who do not believe in changing our constitution. Who believe in the principles our country was founded on. The time is now. We have the power.

The power of the people.

I Am Not Old, But……

I am not old. In fact, I am very young-at-heart. I love life. If you have read my previous posts you know that I have had some very rough periods in the past. I haven’t even told you all of them. It is because of these moments that I am the strong, confident, life-loving, person thar I am today. I refuse to be bitter, or harbor grudges or hate. Life is too short. Life is too beautiful. 

I am not old, but I am too old to put up with negativity. It’s waste of time. If you don’t like it and it is not under your control to change, or the likelihood is exceptionally small, than figure out a way to live with it. You’re only hurting yourself and your health. When you are on your deathbed are you going to think….”I’m so glad I spent all those years being negative and bitter!”? Probably not. 

I am not old, but I am too old to worry about your opinion of me. If you don’t like my political beliefs, or they don’t line up with yours, and you feel that you cannot be my friend because of that, then  you have never been a real friend, because I have stuck with you regardless of your political beliefs. 

I am not old, but I am too old to deal with baseless rants. I am always up for a good debate. In fact, I enjoy them. I am open to your point of view, but you have to be open to mine. This doesn’t mean we have to agree in the end, but we have to be willing to listen and respond to opposing views with thoughtfulness and kindness. We should respect each other’s right to a differing opinion. 

I am not old, but I am too old to waste my time with anger or self-pity. Of course I have these feelings every now and then, but I only allow myself a day or two. After that it’s back to rainbows and unicorns. Why? Because life is too short, and I’m  going to enjoy every minute of it that I can. 

I am not old, but I am too old not to love the life that I am living. I wish more people would do the same.